2010. október 24., vasárnap

LAccentNou - beautiful jewelry

"My name is Anastasia. I'am a maker, a dreamer and a very proud mom of 2.
I create in my home studio, in our wonderful country house surrounded by fields and orange trees, hided between country paths.
My creations are inspired mostly in the Nature.
Elements like sand, stones, shells, seeds, herbs and leaves are used for impressions and embeddings. I like the idea to connect people to the nature."

4 megjegyzés:

  1. I know Anastasia, she is so sweet and makes very original jewelry!

  2. Nem kekeckedésképp, de tudtommal olyan, hogy "jewelries" nincs, mert a "jewelry" a többes szám, a "jewel" meg az egyes.

  3. Egyáltalán nem keckedés, ha bármi elírásom van, szóljatok rám! :)

  4. Thank you so much for this article! It is so nice of you! Honored to be featured in your blog! Thank you! :)
    Thank you, Vadjutka! :D